Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finding Northkill

Hmm . . . the title of this post reminds me of a movie about a lost fish.

Seriously, for those who are wondering where to get a copy of Northkill, you’ll find it at all the major online retailers. See the sidebar for hot links to CBD, Deeper Shopping, Amazon, and B&N. Both print and ebook editions are available at each of these sites, except for CBD, which doesn’t have the ebook posted yet. Hopefully they’ll have it up soon.

Most local bookstores should be able to order copies as long as they have an account with Ingram, Baker & Taylor, or other wholesalers. If you don’t find it on the shelf, I greatly appreciate your asking for the book and encouraging the store personnel to order it.

Here’s a list of bookstores I recently supplied with stock.

219 Mill Road
Morgantown, PA 19543

Gospel Book Store
4900 Oak St
Berlin, OH 44610

Menno-Hof Bookstore
510 S Van Buren Street
Shipshewana IN 46565

Pathway Bookstore
2580 N 250 W
LaGrange, IN, 46761

Raber’s Boookstore
2467 CR 600
Baltic, OH 43804

I’m working on expanding this list. If you have any trouble getting a copy, I can handle some individual orders, so please leave a comment on this blog, email me at jmhochstetler @ msn dot com, or message me on facebook.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Barn Door Book Loft Spotlight!

Northkill is featured today and tomorrow in the Spotlight at the Barn Door Book Loft Blog! Come on over, read an excerpt from the 1st chapter, and join the conversation. All you have to do to enter the drawing for a free copy of Norhkill is to leave a comment, so click on the link and join us! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Northkill Now In Stock!

We just picked up our Northkill stock from the shipper this morning, and the books are all safely stowed here at the office now. This book is absolutely beautiful! These were printed by Pollock Printing, our favorite shipper in Nashville, Tennessee, and as usual I’m delighted with how they turned out. I just love this cover, and the quality of the interior printing is excellent too.

Now that stock is on hand, I’ve been busy all afternoon packing and invoicing individual and small bookstore orders and hauling them to UPS and the post office. Whew! You don’t realize until you do it how much time and effort processing shipments takes. But it’s really exciting to see this title finally going out the door.

If you have any difficulty getting a copy of Northkill, please contact me. You’ll find my contact information on the Contact Me page.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ordering Northkill

Northkill is now at the printer and should start shipping to bookstores the last week of the month. The book is currently available for preorder online at,,, and

I’m receiving a few orders from individuals, and I appreciate those greatly! Unfortunately, I can only accept a limited number of individual retail sales due to my workload and the necessity to charge and file sales tax for each state in which a sale is made. Collecting and filing sales tax for retail sales above each state’s limit for personal sales becomes a truly onerous task, and one that I simply don’t have the time to manage. 

If you’d like to buy a copy of the book, thank you! And if you can purchase it at your local bookstore or on one of the online sites, I would greatly appreciate it. That benefits Sheaf House the most. Immediate family members are an exception, of course; I’m very happy to handle those orders. Bob and I are also setting up local events, where the book will be available for sale. Be sure to check back here and on my Northkill blog for news about upcoming events. Our first one will be at The Gospel Bookstore in Berlin, Ohio, and I'll share the details about that soon.

If your local bookstore doesn’t have copies of Northkill available, they should be able to order them. Sheaf House books are distributed by STL Distribution and are carried by wholesalers such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor. I’m also glad to work directly with bookstores that don’t have an account with these companies, and I’d be delighted if you’d share my contact information with them if you encounter that problem. And if your local library might be interested in this title, I’d be especially grateful it if you’d recommend the book to them as well. 

To find my business contact information, go to Thank you so much for spreading the news about this exciting and inspiring new series!

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