Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Endorsement

I intended to post our ancestor Jacob’s deposition by the British after his escape from captivity next. But last week I got in another lovely endorsement, so I thought I’d share it first.

This one is from Jocelyn Green, author of the Heroines Behind the Lines Civil War series. I read her first novel, Widow of Gettysburg, which is very absorbing, and I can testify that she’s an amazing writer! My brain is overloaded at the moment, but I'm eagerly looking forward to tucking into Book 2, Wedded to War, as soon as I finally get Northkill off my desk and to the printer.

Here’s Jocelyn’s endorsement.

“A masterpiece. Northkill stole my breath and my heart. With expert skill, the authors blend nail-biting suspense, blood-pumping drama and heartbreaking history into a tale that will both haunt and inspire. A book this rich and multi-dimensional deserves to be read more than once. The second book in the series can’t come quickly enough for me!”

Thank you so much, Jocelyn!

Jacob’s deposition is scheduled to post tomorrow, so be sure to check back. I think you’ll find it quite gripping.

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